snake bite

Nothing too exciting, just a outfit i wore to the cinema the other week. The trousers I made myself, which were inspired by the style stalker snakebite ones out of some old topshop ebay 'uns. Hopefully shall be making some to sell however maybe not in snake skin not too sure yet, obviously will let you all know. The coat is a fur lining from a coat, shame you can't see it. The brown jacket is Vivienne Westwood however the earring is a fake ass copy I awakardly got for christmas many moons ago (I only wore the one, for jokes...them irritating sunbedded twatmales).The t-shirt is an inside out SLAYER t-shirt lol. And the boots are from Monki in Sweden. 
On a side note I had a lovely time in London wish I could have stayed longer but you know a gals gotta make some dolla.Also would like to congratulate my friend on her new visual merchadiseing job.......hope your reading this biiiiitch xoxoxo


  1. ahh yessss. those are to die. would love to see how you made them? do they feel secure enough to wear multiple times? i always get scared things i create will break.


  2. these trousers are beyond awesome.

  3. Those pants are awesome Liv - what an amazing project!! I've seen something similar using narrow elastic for the lacing - I think hat elastic would work well, unless that's what you're using in which case you can tell me to shut up;))). LOVE your boots - I'm on the lookout for a similar pair but can't find them in jumbo size for me - coat is utterly beautiful as are you:) xoxo

  4. trousers are genius!!

  5. i love your leggings, lovely outfit!

    xoxo monika

  6. are you FOR REAL???
    those pants are unreal... make me a pair??


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