As you can see I was inspired by the first picture, I really love her top like loads, I've wanted a Antrax one for ages now. I am wearing a t-shirt I got from Urban Outfitters for £13 because it is covered in holes, which I personally think made the top, I then sowed into it and made the graffti on the Berlin wall stand out, as well as outlineing it. I am also wearing demin shorts I picked up last summer from Afflecks palace, major staple. The bra which killed me all day is Clavin Klein it was a christmas present in 2008, absolutely love it although it is very painful. and lastly the lipstick, is a Barry M lipgloss.


  1. I love this Look :)

    You look gorgeous and your Blog is really great!

  2. love your blog!!! every single post is amazing!!
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