un prophete

one of the best films I have ever watched, a real urban fairytale.
It reminded me of Battle of Algiers in the way, as the audience we are forced to take the Muslims in the prison side, and not like the Corsicans for being abusive towards them. Even though we are in a way like the Corsicans as we contatnly rip the Muslim religion to pieces, because we don't understand their beliefs. 
futhermore the main character, acts as the audience who is new to the prison like we are, we defiantly side with him, especially when he does all he can not to kill. However we do forget why he is in prison? were vaguely told he has beaten up a police man.
What I really liked was that he didn't have a cultural belonging which is like a lot of us. and he works for himself.
makes Frank Darabont look like Walt Disney, the prick.

I even made my boyfriend watch it,whos a massive Shawshank fan and religiously watches all the Fridays along with kiddy films, and even he was blown away. although he disagreed with me about how it makes it more realist and believeable because it is in French. As French is foregin like prison.
a real feel good film.

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