gotta hand it to you

I am really not a TopShop fan one bit, but like the post says I have gotta hand it to them. Some of these outfits are amazing, and what I've been searching for. Well they say things are always where you least expect.

1.A/W 2010, they really remind me of miltary animals from fantastic mr.Fox or where the wild things are. I absolutely adore the colour Kakhi (as i do peach) and the trousers on the far left are just what I have been looking for, I was thinking Zara was going to be the best bet. But then again I rate a good D.I.Y.
picture: inky lips

2.The whole pop 90's grunge vibe these outfits posess is amazing. The 80's looking material,looks fanastic. That dirty teal/turqouise colour is amazing, I really like the lipstick however I can see a lot of orange badly backcombed girls who populate my eye site jumping on to that. I tried the whole shag band thing (not the rules I dont get them) last month and well it really didnt work for me,however they look great on her.As for the colour peach wooooo i love it.I WANT A BACK PACK.

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