right okay,I have something to admit nothing I'm wearing belongs to me, well they kinda do. Anyway I'm going to start off at the most magical piece of clothing I have ever come across,yep the waistcoat. It was my aunties (she gave it to me on monday) but oh my god isnt it fuckin cold, its the elephants I love them, there cushioned as well!! plus I have no idea where its come from. As for the jeans there my mums from Diesel and the top is my mums also its form A&F, I like how its got holes in it (I use to have a naughty washing machine). 


  1. cute vest!!! the elephant's super unique with nice sequences.

  2. this is the coolest waistcoat is amazinggggg,
    i shall be looking long and hard for a replica!

    looks really effortless just putting it on over a white t and jeans.

  3. omg its AMAZING!!!! I've been looking for one like this for AGES...


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