dont talk to strangers

Kids,Larry Clark 1995. Chloe Sevigny plays a girl with HIV, I really liked it especially the bath scene when Casper is singing his own version of Casper the friendly ghost. And its also where the DJ Caspa stole it from.I have to agree with everyone and say it is controversial but I enjoyed it,is that a reflection on my youth? I bet some adults see this as a horror film. I first heard about Kids though my teacher who told me Larry Clark was accused of being a pedo, i can sort of see it where there coming from, especially this photo. From researching my favourite character in the film, Casper (above) committed suicide five years after making this. Why the film is so realistic is because the writer Korine was 18 years old. Definitely a must see,I like the whole skateboarding vibe personally.What I like most about this film is that the kids in it are actually just kids, not kids who arent manfatcured, most of them were scouted when they were skateboarding.

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