Olympus Trip 35 0001

1)ELLE France, Moschino Ad. I really like the Italian, Goodfella's looking woman.2)Autumn and her dummy 3)mum and Autumn with their headbands, I love how there holding hands 4) Me and James vinyl, wearing my American Apparel jeans/forever 21 floral bodice/goodwill belt and shoes/afflecks sunglasses 5)james doing the washing up in pink gloves 6)Supra's and Goodwill shoes=American 7)Manchester Metrolink policy 8)swearing at Gmex metro stop 9)the Hilton hotel in Manchester 10)me and james looking like a chav couple 11) kissing, urbanoutfitters necklace.
All images were shot with a vintage Olympus Trip 35 


  1. I loooooove these vintage photos! Amazing! (you're talking to a fan-mad of vintage photography)

    Love from Paris,

  2. cool photos.
    i love the pink high waisted jeans, genius.


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