Okay, I have a major confession I am wearing all Topshop (minus the accessories) but I know I know kinda hypocritical of me, but at the moment I've felt very uninspired by my wardrobe. My main inspiration for this outfit is Maggie. G in The Secretary, I absolutely love the tights which were a pound and the sheer pencil skirt which was a fiver!.  
Anyway I'm seeing Wu-Tang tomorrow and I'm so excited even though method man has pulled out :(. I am currently making a cape I may wear,but hopefully my dress from eBay will have arrived.
Although my wardrobe has been uninspiring my fellow bloggers haven't and I would like to thank you all for always inspiring me, I do have a few planned posts to show you all a few of my favourite bloggerettes. And if any of you are apart of IFB please tell me how it all works?

sunglasses: afflecks palace/manchester necklace: charity shop/knutsford  blouse: mums/topshop/trafford centre sheer skirt: topshop/trafford centre tights: topshop/trafford centre shoes: topshop/warrington  


  1. You look stunning, I love all about this look:) Amazing background!!!

  2. i am completely on the same level as you here! feeling uninspired by my own wardrobe still but completely inspired by fashion in general!
    keep thinking an image overhaul is the answer!

    love what you're wearing here. and the tights, i agree, are AMAZING.

  3. Stunning style:)))

  4. the skirt is so cool and the blouse is beautfiul .love the color of it.
    you look good girl!!


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