your beautiful

check out my eBay I've listed some new items such as an Alexa chung pink silk blouse,a oversized MKO style blouse and some American Apparel style lilac shorts .Happy bidding 


  1. I would love to bid, but I am a poor student at the moment. Great photos!

  2. such elegance in every photo.

  3. I'm gonna check out your eBay list now!
    Great editorial!

  4. you have some cool items on ebay, definite shame i am poor ha!

    mostly i get my books from the library because i love the fact it's free! and i seem to be really lucky in finding what i want to read there. other than that i spend a lot of money on amazon, and there is a book barn near me which is amazing maybe there is one in your local area? or charity shops and car boots sales always offer amazing cheap books!

    the big sleep is crime based and a guy i know is obsessed with it and keeps recommending it!


on all the blogs in all the sphere you had to click on mine-thanks <3