in Miami girl

Thank you to everyone who has recommended me  films which deal with male suicide, massive help. Just wish I could find the time to watch them all, as I'm very busy making capes!. Yes that's right I have two new capes to show you all. HELLO to all my new followers and also the ones on blog lovin (does anyone know how you find out who they are?) . I've been humming and ahhhing over whether or not to post this editorial, but I found this picture (below) and just had to!.


  1. Hi !

    I'm one of your Bloglovin follower if you'd like to know !
    Love the blog of course and these pictures (love the scarves in the hair !

    See U !

  2. The last photo is so funny!!


  3. the last photo is so 90s i dig it alot
    and yeah if i really need money i ll sell you that skirt.
    for sure!

  4. AMAZING PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ahh you have the BEST photos!!!

    I will follow you for shiz!!



on all the blogs in all the sphere you had to click on mine-thanks <3