lose your head

For some unbeknown reason I've had Christing chilling on my bookmarks for like ever. It was only yesterday when I was clearing them out I realised WHY. She can of course dress, in what I believe a very easy achievable way (this is in no way criticism).However the main reason I enjoy reading her blog so much is because shes from Notting Hill (REALLY wish I lived there), I just love the backgrounds of her photos, which always seem to compliment her laid back chic style. To drool over her pictures click here > fashion hedonism <


  1. inspirational post,love it.
    btw thank you for the comment on my blog.

    nice to know you

  2. I love how these photos make it seem like the paparazzi are following you around, heh :).

  3. Wow, really cute pics and outfits! Thanks for sharing, I'll be checking her blog out!


  4. gorgeous! i love the geometric print dress, so so so stunning! thanks for your comment on my blog btw! (:

    xx. VLM.


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