backstage simon rasmussen

These backstage shots,really caught my eye. They were taken at Copenhagen fashion week. The designer is Simon Rasmussen. Although I'm not a wearer of the whole trash fash' thing I do have admiration for people who can pull it off without looking like a stupid teenage scene kid. The show was made up of 19 outfits, but in true trash fash' fashion all the items were made up of second hand items. This is where my admiration comes in. Basically I just like how he's turned such a fad (second hand clothing) into what it really is.For instance he made teddy bear trousers?!?!. Its like all the stuff you turn your nose up at in charity shops rolled into one chaotic socially unacceptable cat walk. I urge to look at the full calkwalk here. I think its the whole imaturity of it, like it doesn't look serious which is why its so wrongly attractive.


  1. i love back stage shots,
    certainly make for interesting images.

  2. i really like your blog, the pics are great. xxx

  3. Heey, loving the blog!! These pictures are fab :)
    Thanks for stopping by at my blog, follow?



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