into the wild

These are some shots from a shoot I styled back in march...I think might have the beginning of april I really can't remember. The model is my stunning friend Lucie who you can check out on her twitter, shes a window dresser for a leading brand so all y'all interested in that path do follow her. The photographer Matt Comer has just done a documentary on Josh Beech's band and from what I can remember these shots are meant to contribute towards his book or something, you can check out his work on his site.


  1. I love how you cred your friends for all their hard work, such a stud move. Lucie is so beautiful in this stark black and white. xx

    alex at

  2. your friend is gorgeous :) and so is your styling,lovely pics

    kate xo

  3. ooooh yum, I love these pics Liv, amaaaaaazing style girl!!!!

  4. These are gorgeous.
    And the styling is AMAZE!
    Great work lady.

    Liv <3


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