outfit post

These are some shots of outfits taken awhile a go. Sorry there not too clear,but yeah you get the general idea. The third outfit was meant to be sport chic but the high tops got cut off. Shots from the shoot i did on thursday will be up soon,along with 5 new kimonos. I've also had a wave of inspiration in my own wardrobe so i'm going to try and get them outfits photographed when i get back off my holiday. Yes I'm off to Tenerife with a good percentage of my family,looking forward to a week away of free drinks,sunshine and laughing at my eccentric family.


  1. First one is AMAZING
    really love it :)

  2. wow
    those outfits are sooo boho, soo chic

    Welcome to my blog! I try to make smth new ;)
    Follow if you find it interesting!

  3. Hey dude, love the outfits!

    The re-vamped Little Wing site has gone live with your lovely cape in the look book images! I have credited you and your blog, let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to add.

    Elle xx

  4. Great looks, especially love the 1st and 3rd!

  5. I really love your looks!

  6. you should definitely do more outfit posts!

  7. i love the last outfit with geisha hairstyle!


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