witch doctor

The inspiration for this outfit started out as punk,however it quickly changed into voodoo tribal warrior. This outfit reminds me of something out of a music video. The stunning sultry model is my friend Jay,who deserves a god damn modelling contract,check out her blog here, she is also starting her own shop soon. Again photos are taken by Vic Chambers and hair is by Mike Houghton 

top: eBay cardigan: persevered vintage leggings: original seed    beaded necklace: eBay other jewellery: models own  feather shrug: original seed 


  1. This is wiiiild, I love it!

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  2. i like the direction of this outfit, you can see the punk to tribal progression. the crochet top is amazing. are these shoots going anywhere? like a portfolio or anything?

    after exams i have a list of films to watch, the great gatsby is included on this list and i will definitely let you know how i feel about it!
    3d cinema only adds to the profit and takes away from the aesthetic, or doesn't add any character to the already beautiful visual medium of film! sorry about such a late reply! hectic revision! X

  3. man these are good!


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