"It makes me sad because I've never seen such beautiful shirts before"

The Great Gatsby, I absolutely love it apart from the film which is directed by Francis Coppola. It came on TV the other night at my boyfriends and I've watched it before...hence why I fell asleep. The whole way through I was moaning about how the film just doesn't do it justice (end isn't too bad). But anyway I've heard about a remake yeah I was well excited especially when I heard Carey Mulligan was to play Daisy and Leonardo Di Capiro was to play Jay Gatsby....I FUCKING NO!!!!!!!.But yeah don't get too excited because the dick of a director Baz Luhrman,some greedy lucky little fuck who for some reason doesn't think the story is good enough that it need to be 3D!!!!!!!! what a utter minger.
So yeah looking back on the 1974  made me value it (a little bit) considering theres meant to be a 3D one. The 70s vibe worked well with the setting of the 20s and the lighting used was pretty good, and the cuts of the costumes were very Stevie Nicks. However Mia Farrow made a terrible Daisy and Jordan (Lois Chiles...I need to watch Death on The Nile) was much better. Plus the parties weren't portrayed to Gatsby standards. 


  1. Why is everything in 3-D? What a total wank!! I love the costumes in the 1974 film, but YES, the film does put you to sleep. I still watch it just for the sets and costumes but always expect to be in la-la land two-thirds through:)) xo

  2. love the photos!

  3. woowwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I adore the 20´s!!!

  4. woow! I love the film! I adore the 20´s all the photos of other days I haven´t seen before!


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