master ride

These are some shots from last week. The model is my friend Jade,who is one of the most chilling,easy going people ever although she looks like a dominatrix bitch who likes to stand on crotches.The main inspiration for this look British hunters (hence the moodboard) however when it got to the studio we realized it was more circus ring master.  The hair was created by the very talented Mike Houghton and the photography was by Vic Chambers who's blog you can check out here.

On the 1st of next month me,Mike and Vic are going to be doing another shoot of four different looks. But in the mean time I'm going to do a break down of each one and where my inspiration came from. 

jacket: charity shop trousers: H&M boots: eBay blouse: Zara hair pin: hair stylists


  1. Yeah, she looks hardcore! Love the big hair/stag combo.

  2. thk you so much <3

    great shot! your friend have beautiful hair! im totally in love with this!


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