Got my results today, yeeeeh. I got an A (media) a B (film) and a D (english lit), feel as though I could have done better , never mind. Did anyone else get results today,if so how was it?
I found out what my uniform for the course I'm doing next year is too, all black (yeah I was well excited too I thought Marla Singer) but NOOO its strictly black trousers no demin or leggings and a round neck t-shirt. So yeah I've been thinking of ways around it (already been thinking belts and turbans etc), and I'm thinking skinny black cords? with over sized t-shirts that tie and maybe semi rolled up sleeves. What do you think? suggestions would be super.


  1. Crazy pictures, but not crazy about these shorts (there are some trends I just don't understand !)

    See U !

  2. What a fun editorial! What about blazers? Scarfs? Layers definitely and a good fit on the tshirt if it's a must. And there are so many great black pants -very classic!

    juliet xxx

  3. Congratulations on the results!!!
    I got mine last year, I've never been so terrified in my life!

    Defo liking the sound of black cords.

  4. awesome outfit! love the mask. and D in english, ha I failed english the first time!

  5. This editorial is stunning. I love her outfit. I'm sorry about the D in English. But don't let it bring you down. Everyone has that one subject that screws them over. Sigh. Mine was science. :P

  6. thank you! nice photoshoot! would you like to follow me? I'll follow you back :)


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