baby its cold outside

good news my pretties. I have a new part time job, working mon-wed so I still have loads of time to make capes and a lot more pennies for nice fabrics and fancier designs. I can't wait to go shopping! I'm already listing things I want. But mainly I need to sort out my birthday trip to Stockholm. Anyway back to capes I have two new ones (I'm talking khaki and velvet!) up at , dont worry they aren't the only ones, feel free to drop me an email at you wish to buy one. Also in october I will definitely be making two more capes,however these will be much more winter proof and more cape like than kimino like. I'm thinking camel!? 


  1. You have so many beautiful editorials here, yet I'm looking forward to an outfit post :) And good luck with your new part time!


  2. Camel sounds great! Great pictures!

  3. congrats on the new job!!! anywhere nice?!
    camel capes definitely sound like a winner.


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