we love you miss Hannigan

Annie has to be one of my all time favourites. The costume is FUCKING amazing, Miss Hannigan's I have to say is my personal favourite I just absolutely love the whole 'laid back but still trying look' yet she looks so good for it. For instance the kiminos with messy hair and head scarfs, the crumpled floral dresses THE ACCESORIZING. If you have seen the whole Kenzo floral dresses,aren't they so Miss Hannigan!?. Anyway I plan to try and make a velvet kimino with fringeing (yes I'm learning fringeing) to complete a Miss Hannigan style look. The last photo is of a broadway show of Annie,how spot on have they got her costume!. If I ever do anything for Hallo'eve I am definitely with out a doubt dressing up as Miss Hannigan. 
It would be criminal of me not to comment on how well Annie's (poor and rich) costume is, and of course Grace Ferrel (the one Daddy Warbucks falls in love with) Miss Hannigan's sister Lily and yes of course Punjab. Yes I was slightly obsessed. 


  1. you look amazing!! totally retro chic!

    love your blog - thanks for visiting mine :)


  2. miss haaaaningaaaan, looool! i loved and hated her at the same time, hahaha, but now that i think about it, she WAS a true style icon! im so gonna have to find annie and watch it again now! great post xxx


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