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As soon as I arrived in Italy I dragged my over weight suit case to the nearest newsagent in utter excited, before me I saw a huge glossy paged 'Velvet' magazine, the last to be exact.
Despite not being able to read Italian (highly annoying) the magazine was full of amazing articles.
This one really stuck out (although i couldn't read it), was about Veruschka Von Lehndorff who is a model,actress and artist. She has lead a very interesting life after growing up under Hitler's power (camps) she also had to go through her father being executed for attempting to assassinate A.Hitler. Her peak time in the modelling game was around 1960's she earned up to $10,000 a day,however she quit in 1975, after a fall out with Grace Mirabella the editor of Vogue. So yeah has anyone watched any of her films? as I certainly plan to and I'm definitely going to be searching for her art and modeling work.
Also in Velvet which I couldn't be bothered scanning was a big spread on films set in Venice. Very relevant I know, plus I really wanted to go the cinema when I was there but my friend was dead set against the idea. Anyway heres a list of films as anyone watched any?
Morte a Venezia
ll Giovane Casanova
ll Casanova di federico Fellini
Venezia la luna e tu
Dohan Padan a la descoverta de la americhe
mercante di venezia
ll delitto non paga
le ali dell'amore (looks very good think it has Helen Boham Carter in it)
The Tourist


  1. this woman sounds very interesting indeed,
    it's slightly problematic buying foreign magazines! but i always do whenever i go away.

    i haven't read in true blood, is it recommended/good?! defo need to come check out bristoool!


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