not afraid to use it

I start my theatrical make up course tomorrow really cant wait,despite missing the two days of induction oh lord. It's going to be quite a step from clothes but hey its a challenge and it will also add to my CV a hella loads more as most companies are tending to hire the make up artist as the costume as well,so yeah with both I will HOPEFULLY be highly employable. But thank fuck it isn't full time, so I will have a day dedicated to making items (lots of new ideas) . Plus I've been in contact with a local theatre to help out in the costume department. 


  1. wow, great!!!

  2. woah good luck! it should be amazing. and i hope you get some work in the costume department because that would be incredible.
    i start uni 4th october!!

  3. amazing pics, loved them all :) amazing blog as well..
    xoxo tamy

  4. good luck! love the photos :)


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