considering what tomorrow is I thought a post on religion would be rather relevant.As you know I've just got back from Italy...and I have to say for a country of apparent 'roman catholics' I am disgusted. First off all I mentioned Christian Aid to a woman in a church and she almost told me get out she looked that disgusted by me and secondly if people are Roman Catholics then why is it okay for the men to be absolutely filthy pervs (minus 1)yet the women have to stay pure?!
I think these pictures perfectly convey religion as I belief theres no such thing as 'good' in conformist religion. And secondly what a cunt is that minster declareing tomorrow as 'burn the Quaran day'  talk about fucking attention seeking and trying to get more followers, the bell end.
I understand I will probs be going to hell after this post or purgatory (if its anything like I imagine then so be it). But for fuck sake stick to the god damn rules.


  1. love this post. love to hear someone speaking their mind on a blog. and the photos speak for you...

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment:)

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  3. so much love for this post and especially the photos

  4. I disagree with "there's no such thing as 'good' in conformist religion" just because religion manages to impose at least SOME morals into human beings, no matter what religion it is. If there was no such thing as religion taming people even if just a small amount, there would be a lot more issues than there are at present.

    I do agree with your post otherwise however, and of course barely anyone ever follows their religion like they should.

    Ironically, I am agnostic and just believe in the use of common sense. Though unfortunately some people need to be taught this sense, and that's where religion comes in.


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