I'm intrigued

Inegue is a half American half Belorussian yummy mummy blogger who grew up in Estonia, and know lives in London.   Not only, is she absolutely stunning her attention to detail is beautiful,if you like what you see then follow this link.

As you know I started my make up course yesterday, however I dropped out today. Yes shock horror,what the fuck.  But I realised it really wasn't for me as I felt I couldn't breathe (they wanted my nails cut,nose rings out,in dowdy black trousers with my hair tied back,no jewellery,only jersey much more).If I dont feel uncomfortable within my skin then I'm not going to be creative. As you can tell I hated the strict unlaidback beauty side, plus as my heart isn't in makeup, when I got the list of things I had to buy I just thought FUCK THIS.So I got out of there clinging to my plastic bag full of new unwanted clothes (they were my safety blanket although they smelt bad). As bad luck comes in threes, I obviously didn't get the job in the dress agency like I wanted. So right know I literally have a year to do as I please (I have applied for uni). Obviously I need a job ,but I point blank refuse to work anywhere I have to wear a uniform as it will actually make me depressed (I hated school) and not make me go to uni or do anything with my life (think what you want also I mean no offence I'm just strange), I have found a good (enough) job which pays very well and is 'office wear' this is obviously going to be part time, as I plan to really concentrate on my shop and making clothes, as well as travelling.Im going to  Stockholm in Decemeber/January. So yeah I will hopefully have more money and time to help set up my online shop. 


  1. Omg, I have a purse just like that pink one but in black...such pretty pictures!!

  2. what's the name of her blog, please?

  3. forgive my ineptitude, just saw the link :-)

  4. you're completely right ! And enjoy this year of (almost) freedom !

    See U !


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