bitch craft

I was in two minds about this outfit,as I was going to do the whole 1950 ish 'Watchemen' super hero saving a stately home but I couldn't be arsed to walk that far. So i decided to do the evil herb healing w/bitch instead who lives in a little stone cottage and puts curses on the town folk...yeah I'm getting carried away.  
I HATE HATE HATE my camera so I don't really think these pictures give the outfit its due one bit hence why I went over to picnik like a dork so dont be surprised if i delete this post. The dress is actually to big for me yet it looks like it digs in creating an extra roll i really dont need. 
The dress set me back ONE WHOLE POUND from a charity shop, it is vintage as it supriseingly has a label, i did have to rehem it though.Plus it will look great as a sheer skirt too. The necklace which reminds me of dates belonged to my great,great nana. Now for the boots which are patent lace ups...are from 90's Miss Selfridge however I got them from the me&yu store in afflecks palace for a fiver! a fucking fiver!!!! don't worry there will be more posts of these babies.


  1. I actually think these are amazing photographs! Really remind me of the ones produced in the 19th century. Your facial features (esp your dark eyes) fit the set, mood and clothes perfectly :)
    Can't even pick any particular item as they all look fantastic. x

  2. Great pics! I love the atmosphere.

    ps: thanx for the comment on my blog. ;-)

  3. wow Amazing pics! I love them so much *_*
    xoxo Marco.

  4. Amazing post! How do you get this effect with your photos? its brilliant, looks like they're old 1920s shots!

  5. you actually look good in the dress :S and i love your shoes :) and these pics definitely make u look like "the evil herb healing w/bitch instead who lives in a little stone cottage and puts curses on the town folk..." in a good way DON'T GET ME WRONG <3 ehhe xxx


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