the noughties

the 'what the fuck do we do now let just badly rip off other eras and make a chavastic society' 
I'm just being neg,some good things have come out of the noughties. The millienum dome  for one, the voyeurstic mithering of 'real',dumb,attention seeking,TALENTLESS, money grabbing people has to be the second.
e.g katie price, Cheryl Cole...


  1. Oh, so beautiful.... thanks for sharing:)))))


  2. I completely agree about you on the second point. You don't need talent these days to be famous, just rich parents, loads of tan and a sex tape. And sometimes not even that

  3. It is a pretty CRRRAzy time in history. I guess we will decipher a lot more about the noughties when we get a bit of distance from it.


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