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I really hope my posts don't seem neglectful, its just I'm super busy so I have like two mins to bang on. However I do have some beautifuly dark pagan gothic posts coming up. Again apolgises for the half hearted outfit post but I PROMISE that I will start doing better ones as I'm absolutely itching. And I can't tell you my itch for wanting to make things, I spent my day at work drawing designs-very frustrating. 
Anyway heres some good news, my stickers came today, and I am so pleased with them. If any of you need personalised stickers then holla at D3. Some one just needs to buy something so I can give them a sticker :). Today I went and did my work experience at the costume shop, and my god I had SO much fun playing with costume and eating free macrons. There's some absolutely beautiful handmade costume there by the shop owner who is so nice.So yeah if any of you need costume let me know!!. On the subject of costume just running around doing final touches to the costume I have done for the upcoming (this weekend) film.


  1. Ooh stickers, what a great idea!

    Would love to see the pic of the costume when you are done

  2. wow! these shots are amazing!

  3. Amazing! The 2nd and 4th photos are unbeliveble, wow!


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