you could call this post outta place, but you'd be lieing. If any of you remember all them 'Taxi Driver' themed editorials you'll know how much I love the costume. So when I found these it was like holding in a wee - bad for you. 
These images are from TASCHEN (who never fail to impress) new book, which features over 200 never before scene photos from Steve Schapiro's time as on set photographer as well as stories from the cast and a foreword by Scorsese. Now for the bad/good/bad/good news. Only 1,000 copies live  which have all been signed by Schapiro so yeah your thinking how much? $700!!!!!!. Like most normal people I don't have that money to burn but I do have a laptop with internet connection so all hail the the TASCHEN site which lets you flick through the book : be cheap here


  1. I LOVED Taxi Driver beyond words. Good choice. Also, excellent sound track! It took me ages to locate where this song was coming from ha jazzy ♥

  2. I was thinking I was going to try get my hands on this book...until I read down to where you said it was $700 holy moly!!

    Thanks for the link to the credit card friendly version!

  3. so interesting pictures!! loved them all


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