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It would have been more than obvious to do a post on a glam rock film such as the boy who fell from the sky (what ever its called), however 2/3 glam rock esque films I have watched I havent really paid any attention to. However Christaine.F is a different matter. Although it isn't exactly a proper glam rock film, so yeah I suppose I'm cheating. But...Bowie does appear in it and he did all the sound track so shush.
Christanie.F is deffnetily one of my favourite films. It is based on a true story of a 14 year old heroin addict prositute from Germany. Bet all your all thinking what a depressive bitch. Not that I have EVER considered taking heroin, Christanie. F certainly makes sure you never ever ever want to take it. From watching Britians bash at heroin (Train spotting) which in good British humour makes us laugh at it without knowing and Austrialia's Candy which glamourises it with love and Heath Ledger, I think Germany wins with the accurate grittyness and rawness of the entire heroin subject. I dont want to go into the plot as I'd much rather you all watched, but as usual I am gonna say my two pennys worth on the costume.
The costume is fucking amazing as is the acting! Christaine has a distinctive grungey look. like all young girls she dresses older than she is but not in a slutty way in a kiddy socks with heels with a dash of red lipstick, waist coat model kinda way.
Like all teenagers she wears things shes intrested in, at the beginning she has a customised BOWIE jacket which you can tell she loves. However as the story progresses she exchanges her love of bowie for her love for heroin, which she makes obvious by wearing a neck tie around her neck (for shooting up). This is as you imagine highly disurbing.
other notes on the film: she has a good looking boyfriend called Detlev however I laughed at him the entrie film because he wore underpants so yeah dont say i warned you. And apparently he is now a bus driver.
director:Uli Edel

costume designer: Myrella Bordt


  1. This looks fantastic! if bowies there, im there!

  2. one of my faves too, for sure! amazing movie xxx


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