picnic at hanging rock

One of Austrlias finest, apparently.Can't say I like it but them stylisish aussies won me over with the brilliant costume. The film starts off in a high class school for girls then they go on a picnic to hanging rock on valentines day then they start disappearing. its got that whole 'I-am-a-woman-do-i-have-a-meaning-sofia-coppola-shit' about it. With the costume you literally can feel their constraint,  and feel your self grabbing at your neck to remove the itchy imaginary lace collar (well I did) as its a REALLY hot day and the teacher is all like "you are only allowed to remove your gloves" so then they start walking around the rock and its like they get possessed - blah blah. But anyway they start taking their costume off so their basically barefooted and in their underwear so it completely changes the mood and gives this free pilgrim at one with land kinda feel but at the same time there like ghosts...ghosts of who they were. So it all it really does is switch from one class/feeling to another which is for some unbeknown reason memorising. And of course it represents the whole girl to woman whatever and how they cant be taught it they have to find it like they do on the rock and the taking the clothes off is like them shedding their skin as though they were just like one of the animals in the out back.  

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