welcome to my (new) crypt
this is it

my wallpaper is actually paisley wrapping paper which i got from a book in a charity shop.
im deeply into things like this ya no henedrix,folk,70s, lounging, and RED
yeah its taken me 19 years to come to terms with it but i love red
and i wear it like its black 
& i think everyone else should.
so expect many more red outfits

scarf- accessorize 
top- charity shop
waistcoat- yeh yeh yeh its going the fuck off and dont i know it, even better it was like £6. i got it on
ebay via armstrongs vintage in edinburgh...if youve never been to this shop
goo now!!! leave your kids/pets/men and go 
plus if you have a very beadey eye you will see its paisley
arent i a little fluke.

Below is the corner in my room where i was sat above. I got the back pack for like a stuppppiiid price from a charity shop so i put my cannabis campaign badge on it ya no just keepin it real
however im kinda tempted to sell it

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  1. Holy shit,that header just about blew my panties off;it's FANTASTIC!!!
    Brillant job on the wallpaper,and OMG that pom pom necklace!WOAH!
    Thank you for your lovely comment,I hope I DO make a lot of peoples days when they come across me! If at least I give 'em a laugh,I'm happy.


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