i love orange soda

so yeah englands weather decided to be nice
not so nice i could wear ma bloomers
ended up having to wear white jeans....which didnt end in chaos
taking loads of inspo from brit-pop, hip hop (IN LOVE WITH THE SHAPES THEY CREATE) 70s pimps/flower children and clowns? oh and making my skeleton look dark!?
but obvi the inspo comes after the outfit,fuck knows why.

the hat- is apart of my hip-hop hat collection yes i have 3 so far this one is
known as  'Andre 3000' and it cost me a 
£1 from COW vintage
sunglasses- ebay
top- is one of them vintage baby dolls you constantly see on ebay vintage shops however i got mine from
a charity shop so it made it okay to dye it orange!!!! the colour is juicy outta its mind
shoes- phussy 
ring- customized by myself but was from topshop 


  1. I love your style and how if follows no one

  2. I love this top - wish to have one in my wardrobe. Great blog full of colours. I will follow you


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