le male le female

i created this outfit last summer
but only until yesterday have i been able to wear it
(searching for the perf. grey top)
but yeah my mum declares its very JPG
(ive trained her well) 

but yeah i dont rly bother to get openly deep on fashion style what ever u wanna call it
but i think this outfit represents me as a person well
on the outside im overly feminie however on the inside i'm fairly masculine/ how a man likes to make out he is but really he isn't. 

Aren't we lucky girls that we (JUST-A-BOUT) live in a society
where we can openly wear underwear 
im not being sarcastic like i am so pleased its just about acceptable
but not in the work place (fuck u)...
yes i once went to work in a see through skirt 

collar- I got from my disclosed first FAVORITE high street,it was on a shirt but the material was nasty as fuck so i cut if off just in time for the miu miu trend and the 2 year too late current trend
t-shirt- charity shop
jeans- H&M
bodice- was bought in a charity shop after I got sacked from a job (the same one i went in with a see through skirt on) 

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