zulu nation

this is one of my favorite looks to wear
ya no that whole gettin scary spice 
jigglin ya hips so ya walk
but yeh i mainly love wearing clothes like this cos it feels like art

currently working on all sorts 
yehh my wardrobe is literally taking over 
who gives a fuck tho
in this material world

jacket- some peng ass kimono sleeved chinese jacket that i got from a thrift store in St. Thomas
( the caribbean to me and you)
top- vintage charity shop find i got for two fiddy,hell yeh
necklace- my mums bracelet
skirt- south africa 


  1. i like it :) you're bringing back the tribal style

  2. you are just perfection, seriously.... i want everything in this look. and i don't blame you for it being your favorite.


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