trip a load of this

welcome 2 my reality
and like the mamas and papas said 'i'd be safe and warm if i was in L.A'
however i'm not so help me im in danger and need to get to the church of Meadham & Kirchoff without the zombies getting me

sunglasses- just so you know are covering a huge scab but there from primark so £2 well spent
shirt- was like £3 from Cow vintage
dress- is from Cow too but its like for a 8 year old so its cut up to fuuuck
GREEN LACE & SEQUINS = HEAVEN top - I got it from Amsterdam but you know whats being 
high does to your mind it makes you an even better person (yes thats right kids) so I scrunched it in the middle
tights- vintage 60s bad boys for 50p from a charity shop
shoes- made by myself @ phussy

below is a picture of my massive magic mirror at my house which im going to miss so much when i move out like next week. r.i.p porthole 


  1. Mad mix of colours, i love. Medham Kirchoff is the shit! X

  2. Loving every bit of this. too good.

  3. Thank you for your comment! You are charming! Would you like to follow EACH OTHER?


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