camp climax for lovefools

i need a motherfuckin holiday so i can 
drive around blowing dank in da cadallic 

so any cool ass rappers out there hit me uppppppp

yeah really wanting a small tattoo on my left boob saying b i g but on the 'i' i want 3 dots like gangsters
because it means like my crazy life
and as for the big well
1. biggie smalls - absolute respect to da nigguh,huge visionary blah blah blah
2. get money- is like my favorite song and ma boy says 'tattoo on titty saying b-i-g' so when 
ever im listening to it i wanna grab ma boob and SALUTE
3. i have small boobs- so writing big on them would make them big yah?
and thats like so totally society at the moment yehhh

sunglasses- yeah the spots still there / primark

L necklace- this is from when i was 13, i got a elle hip belt with these letters on yeah so 2005
but yeah i use to make people call me Liv totes hate it now ive realized im more of a big O (livia)
but yeah my whole family call me phia then a few (only the best) call me olly literally only a few people can pull it off .

the blue tag necklace- means so much to me its untrue,it symbolizes so many memories
 my mum and dad wore in the 90s...
but how futuristic does it makes me freeeaky

bikini- BUY IT HERE

skirt- topshop

and yeah heres my magic mirror picture im going to miss this mirror so bad its untrue
check how me and my dog have the same hair

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