listen to my 9mm go bang

I hate my stupid fucking camera its shit and I wouldn't care if it died, well I would. But hopefully my v.beautiful boyfriend is going to get me a new one...PLEASE!.

This is the outfit I wore to Ape at the Warehouse Project last weekend, and to be perfectly honest it was shit!. I mainly went to see KRS ONE and well he was amazing however the other fuckers headlining were boring, so yeah I got drunk and left early. And I can't decide whether or not I want to bother going to anymore.

On a much more positive note I have just booked my flights to STOCKHOLM in january for my birthday, so please tell me places I must visit. As well I'm currently saving to go to America (hopefully San Fran) this summer, fingers crossed.

My coat is from shop it right now (Jayne a fellow blogger), the waistcoat/top is from Manchester's £3 shop, the dress was a fiver and its 7-8 yrs (ha) I picked it up from COW vintage, the boots were a charity shop bargain of £ to my favourite part...THE NECKLACE THAT'S REALLY A BELT, I got it sent over from India via eBay and fuck me its something else,it makes some sick ass noises!!. I really wish I could wear it as a top ha.


  1. Que collar más original!

  2. looks absolutely amazing! i love the necklace.
    yay for flights to stockholm! XX

  3. I LOVE this look, esp. the coat!


  4. gorgeous necklace! and the coat looks amazing too.

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