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I am such a good B-friend, like promised I have done an outfit post . This was what I was going to wear for halloween as ms. Havisham along with a very white tear stained face. However I didn't get any photos therefore I decided to do a bride/seventies esque post.  You can look at this outfit in a few different ways, here's what my inspirations were: well of course ms Havisham was my soul provider, then I started thinking southern 70's little prairie weddings with  a 1910's pilgrim girl twist - you know Picnic at Hanging Rock and Pretty Baby (hence the under garment). The thing on my head which you unfortnetly can't see are a necklace with crochet multi coloured flowers (70's) that I got from Miss Selfridges years and years ago, The floaty pilgrim kimono dress was made my myself. I was searching for a teddy for ever a while back in all the vintage shops as they always seem to have them however they were all basically shit and expensive however when I was in London back in june I visited my favourite scabby high street and found this brand new teddy in a charity shop for £1 along with a bra too!. The boots are my mothers, which are vintage outta their soles, they were originally from New York but they got to us via eBay. 
I have loads and loads of outfit ideas and another roll of film so I'm going to get round to more outfit posts next month. As I'm really busy with costume at the minute, hence why I haven't been able to make loads of items - my inspo folder is fit to burst. but I will be back with more next month. but at the mean time check out my shop : ORIGINAL SEED SHOP


  1. amazing.
    the quality of these photographs is beautiful really soft.
    i love how much thought goes into your outfits, and the mix of places you've found things!
    the floaty kimono dress is amazing! very very good craftsmanship ha xx

  2. Great outfit! And a beautiful Halloween Costume!

  3. you look gorgeous here
    i really dig the whole white getup
    and it goes really good with those boots!

  4. Great blog you have hear. Following :)

  5. Amazing!!! just WOW You are very talented person!!! Have great day:)

  6. such cool pictures! love the vibe these give off


  7. ahhh I'm loving this dress, sooo gorgeous! and loving your blog, I'm a new follower, follow back if u want:)))


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