acid ran over baghdad

These photos were taken by the very talented and imaginative Olivia McKinley, unfortnetly she doesn't have a website as of yet but as soon as she does I shall let you all know and hopefully i will even do some more shoots with her as I really enjoyed getting high,dressing up and performing. 
All outfits are styled by myself (see below for item details).I think its obvious to say I'm not a model but a stylist. Hence why I am not going to let anyone try and style me again,long story. 
Looks like I'm not going to university. Honestly I am over the moon, from visiting uni's it just made me realise more and more  1.I didn't fit in with any part of uniness what so ever  2.I wasn't prepared to pay so much money for the factiallies that were actually on offer. However this leaves me with 'how the fuck should I go about shit situation'. Don't get me wrong I have got some ideas and plans however I've got to wait until the end of the month or sooner to properly plan as I'm waiting to hear back from a few things. so yeah just wishin things sort themselves out. not lookin' on gettin a semi with kids at all. 

outfit 1: SCARF:south africa FEATHER: photographers DRESS: french connection TOP: topshop WAISTCOAT: ebay TROUSERS: ebay NECKLACES:original seed
outfit 2 (was meant to have loads of necklaces but couldnt carry them all): JACKET: charity shop TOP: original seed TROUSERS: chairty shop BOOTS: ebay/doc martens SUNGLASSES: fancy dress shop NECKLACES: as before


  1. great looks!

  2. These are really good. Love the head scarf & feather. We should do something soon. :D

  3. seriously coolest outfits ever. love your stylee.


  4. you guys are so interesting! thanks for making me feel boring.


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