Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 1997

So hard to pick out my favourite Frida looks from JPG so heres the link. He has captured the masculinity,freedom,30's,90's,mexican,spannish, her artwork,her pain, her iconic features and religion perfectly aswell as her hubsand knew i was forgetting something ha.
Got some SUPER good news. Out of 4400 interviews I been accepted by the National Youth Thearte to study and create costume with and for them. Kinda fuckin' crazy. So yeah I shall be in London from the 25th Jul - 5th Aug.Serious shopping going down. But yeah fuck me, I'm so glad I didn't get into and this came along because its 18746238x better and cheaper. I can't believe it.
Secondly I mentioned earlier, I think. That I have been accepted to work at Outlook festival so I dont have to pay for my ticket and free camping, plus my boyfriend has been accepted too. 
PLUS I am holding a vintage stall at an antique festival in june.AND I am currently bursting with things-to-make so keep your bloggin' eyes out. 
To everyone that feels like shit,it will all turn okay :)


  1. I love number 3!
    And congrats on the acceptance! Sounds so exciting..

    //Sofie -

  2. Liv you champion congratulations on scoring a place at NYT you totally deserve it as your talent is leaking from your every pore! I'll have to look up Outlook fest and see what it's about and isn't it great your man scored a spot too? Bonus!! OK so you've hit my weak spot - JPG. 1997 and his outfits are still so modern - I know you'll understand when I say I think his looks are classic. He knows exactly how to interpret his inspirations into forever wearable works of art. xoxo


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