recent sale items

Heres a few items that are currently for sale all are reworked items and have been inspired by glamrock, highly unique pieces. If you interested then  please visit my shop: original seed shop or you can visit my facebook page situated under the banner.

I am currently designing new kimonos which should be up by sunday, along with 1920s pieces, a little bit of trash fash and some perfect hippie belt bags. So yeah I'm going to be doing hippie'ish posts from now on until the items are ready to show as I need inspiration. I have loads of themes coming up some I haven't done before so keep ya mouses out. 


  1. I love that dress and leggings aaach

  2. Wow i'm totally dying for that feathered bolero right now- so cool for a music festival!


  3. that heart jumpsuit is really cool!


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