Frida Kahol

Its Frida Kahol apperication week. Pretty sure most of you already know who she is . Frida Kahol to me is at the top of the heirarchy of iconic inspirational world changing females.

She lead a very colourful fruity life which would take me forever to write about so please read her biography or if you haven't already watch her acadmeny award winning bio-pic. 

For thoese who haven't yet met Frida heres a quote I found to sum her up "One of history's grand divas… a tequila-slamming, dirty joke-telling smoker, bi-sexual that hobbled about her bohemian barrio in lavish indigenous dress and threw festive dinner parties for the likes of Leon Trotsky, poet Pablo Neruda, Nelson Rockefeller, and her on-again, off-again husband, muralist Diego Rivera."


  1. love that first picture of her :)
    I do believe her name is Kahlo though, not Kahol

  2. While i appreciate your love for the late Frida. It is "Kahlo" not Kahol.


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