the blue lagoon

Not too sure where little Brookie finds her amazing costume considering she is shipwrecked. But shiver my timbers its fucking sick. Its exactly the kinda wardrobe you'd want if you were stuck on a desert island. As usual kinda controversial,like everything she touches. Loved the storyline (time setting was purrfect) like Pretty Baby it was a how is she going to cope afterwards. I'd really like to see it performed in thearte, as you can tell it would be more dramatized and would work well on a set.  My boyfriend is now the biggest Brooke Shields fan ever, and he thought this film was 'comedy'.I urge you if you havent already to be a pirate and watch it. 


  1. I keep thinking that Brooke Shields is the most beautiful female EVER, whenever I see her pictures...
    I haven't seen this version of blue lagood, but is it better than the one with Mila Jovovich?

  2. She is out of this world in this movie! Amazingly beautiful. And hahahahaha agree about the costume, I laughed out loud!

  3. I think the movie was made in Jamaica, near by where i went a couple of months ago. Anyhow,she looks stunning.


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