These items are now available to buy from my ebay they both have a starting cost of £18 and they were inspired by Christopher Kane. If you are interested please follow this link here .
Yet another hectic week, this week kinda having a mini blockage but I am just having one of them days.  I styled a photoshoot on friday so be expecting pictures from that around the end of may as it was for a magazine, I'm also styling and modelling for a shoot on the 12th which is avant garde british style and I'm also modelling for a friends shop on the 10th so yeah i shall obvs. keep you posted. For now I can't decide whether to bombard you with outfit posts taken from my olympus trip or bore you with the 20s so you decide? PURLEASE 


  1. my new cravings <3. saving up for guitar now, so can't buy, but oh, they are so pretty! i love this blog, the summer hipster/rock shoot you posted is AMAZING.

  2. Love love love these. So very cool. Love your blog!


  3. those are awesome - totally seeing the christopher kane galaxy print influence! love it.

    thanks for visiting us, your blog is great!

    -j, your newest follower :)
    sorelle in style

  4. Oh hon, you have been so busy creating more pieces of art to be treasured, the top and tights are so beautiful!!!!!!!! Wow you've been busy on the photography and modelling side too and I can't wait to see the results - pleeeeeze!!!!! Oh god how am I to decide between Olympus trip and the 20s? Stop torturing me!!!!!! Thank you so much for your kind comments my lovely xxxxxxxooooooooooo

  5. Thanks! :)

    And, wow - beautiful items! *Like*


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