Each is unique so no one and i mean no one in the world will have the same one. Each is made from real fur and faux fur. They are perfect for festivals, or for the boho,cowboy come red indian look. Each has a starting price of £25.
Number two is currently listed on ebay and finishes in about 6 hours so if you want it then act fast and click here
The rest shall be up on ebay later today but for additional information please visit my shop : original seed shop. Note the last picture is my own personal waistcoat. 
I currently have some brand new handmade kimono's and other items so again for more information please visit my shop: original seed shop
I shall be adding new items soon, as I am in the middle of making five items so I shall notify you when they are all up and ready. To stay up to date with my items please visit my facebook page


  1. hey I saw on your ebay that the coat will fit a size 8-10. If I am a 4, will it look too big or should I be okay?

  2. Excellent! I'm highly considering. And thank you miss!

  3. ohhh they're cute, but i'm so against killing animals for fur...

  4. Those are really nice. I usually dont like fur but on the right person they could pull it off.


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