sippin' martini's

Just found out I have a rail in Afflecks Palace so any Manchester followers please check that out I shall give more you details when its done. It will consist of 10 items including kimonos,converse platforms and other t-shirty bits and bobs. I am making more items to sell online so stay tuned.


  1. Nice one Liv! when will your stuff be in manc?

  2. Great pictures, I love the curly hair! And did you say kimono? Nice!

  3. Hey hey! I'm so gutted I missed the auction for the kimono I had my eye on - I really need to check my ebay more often. Do you know when you are likely to have more for sale? I have a photoshoot for my Little Wing store at the beginning of May and would really love to style a look for it with one of your kimonos.

    Elle x


on all the blogs in all the sphere you had to click on mine-thanks <3