band of gypsy's

Buddy Miles– blues/rock funkmaster legend .  He and Jimi worked their way up in the music scene together around the same time– Buddy playing in various jazz, soul, R&B, and rock acts before finally co-founding the short-lived Electric Flag (which you REALLY need to checkout). The band’s first album, Electric Church, was even produced by Hendrix.  Miles returned the favor and recorded with Hendrix on Electric Ladyland. Later, with his signature afro and psychedelic get-ups that rivaled even Jimi– he, along with bass player Billy Cox, backed Hendrix inBand of Gypsys after the disbanding of The Jimi Hendrix Experience. They had an amazing and funky chemistry .  It’s been said that the Band of Gypsy’s album, recorded New Year’s Eve ’69 – New Year’s Day ’70, was primarily an obligatory move on Jimi’s part– as he owed the record company another album under the terms of his contract.  However by the end of January they were done– disbanded following the infamous show at MSG after Hendrix insulted a woman in the audience they played two songs and got the fuck out.  He was also the sining voice of the 80's TV commercials The California Raisains.  In feb 2008  Buddy Miles lost his rite to party due to a heart failure. 
I would have loved to sat in a garage with buddy drinking something outta a bottle eating cheese burgers wearing dirty shoes and customised jeans (i will show you the ones ive got in mind some time), you can tell he had a dutty laugh.


  1. Love Hendrix! Those photos are amazing... would have loved to been around at that time!

  2. fucking loove hendrix. buddy miles is a total legendddd.
    love the outkast on your blog too bub.
    im following you fo sho.

  3. they all look so hip. i love the clothes


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