Tibetan charm

sorry i have been so distant but you no jc big day n'all. i was going to do an outfit post but i was having a major bhd so i thought i'd wait until tomorrow at least- in hope. i have hit the sales today but not as hard as i hit the fabric shop yep!! loads of new fabric so excited theres at least two new kimono's coming your way. i also managed to find myself some buys in the shape of  a hooker top thats from a make called nob hill (lov it) a 1950s Japanese house coat thing and .. .. .. . .... . a pair of absolutely bewildering dazzling lace and sequin encrusted MERMAID TROUSERS! yep not even joking i almost pulled the rail down when i grabbed them. bad news though it has left in me a sitch' what do I wear for NYE the mermaid trousers which are by biggest challenge to date (glam rock under water) or my black tasselled play suit (hells angels chic) please decide for me!! my mum also got a great vintage versace silk shirt so yeah be expecting.


  1. I AM SO ADDICTED TO YOUR BLOG YOU HAVE NOT IDEA! It's so awesome I tremble. :) Lovely. Lovely indeed.

  2. Holy crap - I MUST see those mermaid trousers asap!!! And you sew - fantastic!! I LOVE kimonos and can't wait to see your beautiful new fabrics:) xo

  3. I wanna see the trousers!!!!!!

  4. hey sweet!
    i also cannot wait to see these new creations.
    this is a rather belated reply, i think you asked for book/film recommendations, the comment was a while ago!
    at the moment i'm reading murakami - a wild sheep chase but it's not his best, it's good but read norweigian wood if you haven't already. the books staring at me right now to be read are hollywood - bukowski and the book of disquiet - pessoa.
    as for films, i'm excited for the king's speech and i finally got around to see the new harry potter which was alrighttt.

    how has your christmas been?! XX

  5. great editorial:) I like how the model is modelling..


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