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I did say I would do an outfit post today but yeah you don't even want to know what has happened!. my little pink sewing machine has chosen to be a little bitch and not work any more so yeah were currently not speaking. hopefully she will sort herself out or I will have to exchange the hoe for a Brother (ha). 
I attempted to clean up my room/office/night club/prison etc etc. the cleaning was only moving piles of books about and paper so yeah I bored and decided to take a few really quick pictures as the rest isn't in good order. As I'm currently content with my wardobe, (it took a lotta get me there), i mean by this if I see any gorgeous little unique thing I'm not gonna walk past I am going to buy it but you know that goes without saying and holidays too thats just a rule you have to bring something back. But yeah other than that I am really happy with my wardrobe, although nothing goes and I have far too many coats (rail on the other side which you can't see yeah another rail).  As you can see I am raring to go!. 
On other daily boring news I have FINALLY decided what book I'm going to base my 'create two characters from a book you are well known with' for my university interview. I thought first of all its got to be a book more room for you, then I thought hmm book. And it struck me like Naomi Campbell, do a kids book!. So I pulled out one of my favourite books as a kid which I forgot the name of until I found it again...The Magic Costumes. I truly believe what people are meant to do is written for them (by themselves) when they were kids, when they were untainted and just liked what they liked. people should never loose sight of their inner child ever. 
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