the rock that glam built

very inspired by the above picture, thinking of making something similar what do you think?  so yeah that's all the glam rock your getting for 2010 waaah. And its onto the 50's pin-ups/lolitas. 
Sorry for the lack of outfit posts, cant tell you how much i'm dying (a) to style some outfits (b) of the cold weather. currently making something which i shall show you soon.  


  1. Wow, very beautiful, fascinating and inspiring photo's xox

  2. Love the pictures and all the glam.
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

  3. I must say that you really have a great talent at putting pictures together in a meaning ful fashion! Good job.

  4. Oh no Glam Rock is back! but totally a fun trend to play around with

  5. Rad. Love all of those photographs.


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